• THX Certified Video Calibration Hands-On Workshops

    Announcing the THX Video Systems Classes:
    3 Days of hands-on training on sale at $ 1999 (normally $2700)

    ** Price reduction to $1999 thru December 2017.SAVE $705 ! ! ! ** Call 207 624 2685 for SPECIAL PRICING
    LEVEL 1 (Day 1) only $ 600, LEVEL 2 (Day 2 and 3) only $1600. Take both for $1999. Call 207 624 2685 to enroll. Please note that pricing is quoted for USA based classes. Out of the USA classes may have different pricing and may include local taxes. Please see the Partner Company's Website or email gloewen@thx.com for more details.

    ** THX Video Training -now with a 4th optional day of HDR / 4K Hands On Training - Approved as THX Video Level III !


    …THX Video Level I and II Calibration Class, Epsom UK Hosted by AWE. June 27, 28 and 29, 2017.

    ...THX Video Level I and II Calibration Class, Surat India, August 24, 25, 26, 2017, HDR on August 27th.

    …THX Video Level I, in conjunction with CEDIA, September 5th, 2017

    ...THX Video Level I (mini class) and II Calibration Class, following CEDIA, San Diego USA, September 9,10, and 11th, 2017. HDR on September 12th.

    ...THX Video Level I and II Calibration Class, Stahstead UK, October 17 18 19, HDR on October 20th.

    …THX Video Level I and II Calibration Class, Shanghai, China, November 2,3, and 4, 2017. HDR on November 5.

    ...THX Video Level I and II Calibration Class, following CES, Las Vegas, USA, January 12, 13, and 14, 2018. HDR on January 15th.

    ...THX Video Level I and II Calibration Class, Following ISE, Amsterdam, February 9, 10, and 11, 2018. HDR on February 12th.

    Register by email to: gloewen@thx.com

    email: gloewen@thx.com to enroll or to receive more information.

    NOW ADDED: 4th Day of HDR Specific HANDS ON TRAINING by LionAVTech. $699 as a stand alone class, $499 in combination with THX Video Training Level I and II. Offered immediately after all THX Video Training at all locations. THIS CLASS IS NOW OFFICIALLY THX VIDEO LEVEL III. You may take this class as a stand alone option but to be granted THX Video III Certification you must have also attended the THX Video Level I and II courses within the past 4 years.

    *** Click here to enroll today! ***

    Who this class is for:

    Colorists and editors
    Digital Imaging Specialists & Supervisors
    Production / Post Production personnel including Broadcast engineers
    Manufacturers and manufacturer representatives
    Independent Calibrators and enthusiasts
    AV Installers and Integrators (Residential - Commercial - House of Worship)
    Contractors and Technology Consultants
    Buyers for installation and integration companies

    From THX, the brand your customers recognize and respect, comes a new professional-level certification workshop.

    Join THX for a three-day Professional Video Systems Calibration workshop and gain the hands-on experience and skills you need to properly calibrate modern high definition video systems – practical knowledge that can start generating revenue for your business immediately.

    Benefits of becoming a THX Certified Professional Video Systems Calibrator:
    * Obtain the Video Calibration Certification
    * Three instruction days, including two days of coached hands-on calibrating exercises
    * Exposure and practice using a variety of the world’s best display devices and measurement equipment
    * Access to the exclusive THX Video Calibrators' forum and extranet, which provides service menu data and calibration advice directly from THX professionals
    * Your services and certification listed on the THX.com Web site
    * Have access to use the coveted THX Certified Professional Video Calibration logo
    * Offer your clients Professional THX Certified Video Calibration services
    * A free demo DVD from THX
    * CEDIA CEU Credit - 6.00 units for Level 1 (CEUP502) and 8.00 units for Level 2 (CEUP347)

    Professional Certification Requirements:
    * Attend the entire Video Calibration workshop
    * Complete and pass Video Calibration online exam within 3 weeks of your course date
    * Submit ten sample video calibrations for approval via the Web
    * Prior THX Home Theater 1 Certification, or the completion of a Introduction to THX online exam (done after attending at no additional charge)

    General Course Information

    THX Education Program workshops include lunch on each day of the training. Attendees must cover their travel costs including airfare, hotels, parking and transportation, as well as breakfast and dinner. THX will provide all necessary classroom and workshop material, a certificate of completion and other cool THX stuff.

    Hours of each day: 9am to 6pm for workshop activities, including structured lab work. Doors open at 7 am and close at 11 pm to give you more lab time. Plan travel generously to allow for possible traffic or other delays.

    About the Course:
    The THX Certified Professional Video Systems Calibration Workshop is a professional program designed to take video calibrators to the next level. Comprised of workbook focused exercises on the first day, followed by two full days of supervised, hands-on practice, this THX workshop provides you with the necessary tools to start offering calibration services immediately.
    During the interactive session you will be working with professional calibration equipment from manufacturers such as Minolta, Photo Research, Lumagen, Gretag MacBeth, Quantum Data, JETI, and Murideo. In addition, you will receive hands-on training on more than a dozen different displays including, LED and OLED panels, DLP LCOS and LCD projectors (with and without an anamorphic lens), various high end video processors, and multiple high end Blu-Ray and UHD players - all loaded with the latest HD and SD test discs. THX emphasizes color management systems and how to best adjust them to achieve true reference colors.

    As soon as you complete this course you will be registered to access the THX Video Calibrators’ forum, www.lionavtech.com. This unique community gives you key industry information, such as the service level calibration codes needed for top quality calibration, as well as a direct Q&A forum to support you when working in the field.

    In addition to being able to offer a premium calibration service, you will be able to offer THX Calibration plaques including a "THX Calibrated" certificate, and a thank you letter from THX. This marketing tool can be used to generate additional sales, helping to offset the cost of the workshop itself.

    You are welcome to bring your own calibration tools to class. However, if you are interested in purchasing equipment, this class will help you identify the right tools to fit your needs.

    For a limited time only, the course rate of $1,999, (normally $2,700), includes:
    * All instruction
    * Practical interactive exercises using state-of-the-art equipment
    * Comprehensive course book
    * Morning snacks and a full lunch each day
    * A selection of discounted THX branded merchandise

    *** Please register as soon as possible as space is limited. ***

    Detailed Agenda:
    Day One: CEDIA CEUP502: 6.0 CEUs
    * History of Television (brief)
    * Why We Calibrate
    * What Makes a "Good" Image, Just Noticeable Differences (JND), and Video Performance
    * Signal Path and Optimization Strategies
    * Calibration Process
    * Contrast Ratios and Screen Uniformity (Lab #1)
    * Geometry & Convergence
    * Contrast and Brightness (Lab #2)
    * Color, Tint and Color Decoding (Lab #3)
    * Sharpness and Enhancement Controls (Lab #4)
    * Overview of color management systems (CMS)

    Day Two: CEDIA CEUP503: 8 CEUs
    * Calibration Process and Integration of Signal Generators
    * Grayscale and Gamma
    * Software and Hardware Choices (Lab #5)
    * Competing Display Technologies
    * Hands-On Grayscale Calibration with Different Technologies (Lab #6)
    * Overview of Front Projector Setup, Hands-on Training, Keystone and Other Geometry Corrections & Screen Technologies
    * Scaling Technologies

    Day Three
    * Processing Issues; Progressive/Interlace
    * De-interlacing with Examples from HD and DVD Benchmark Discs
    * Environmental Issues
    * Color Science and Color Standards Including Color Gamut (CCA and CMS) Management
    * Approach to Calibrating CCA and CMA … Examples of Different Systems (Lab #7)
    * 3D calibration techniques
    * Calibration Road Map ... What Really Happens in a Calibration Session?
    * Day & Night Modes (Lab #8) and Calibrating to Black & White Films
    * Application of 3D Look Up Tables (LUT) and how they apply to home theater and post production
    * The Future of display technology including discussion of Ultra HD (UHD / 4K), OLED, etc
    * Online Exam & In-Field Calibrations
    * Summary & Putting it All Together

    Day Four - 4K - HDR
    * Overview of Calibration and current best practice
    * 4K (UHD) implications
    * HDR implications
    * New technology and future challenges
    * Hands on training on the latest flat panels and projectors focusing on UHD, DCI and Rec 2020 Color Spaces, EOTF gamma manipulation, application of HDR to projectors.

    THX Brand Power

    Born out of the Star Wars legacy and tied to world’s most acclaimed filmmakers and premium home entertainment products, no other brand resonates with consumers as deeply, and with greater trust than THX.

    For 25 years THX has been a leader in bringing the best entertainment experience to the consumer, from the big screen to the home. In addition to the certification of cinemas and professional mixing studios, THX works with the major electronics manufacturers to bring consumers the best in home theater equipment.

    THX Does Video
    THX is your premier choice for training in video system design, setup and calibration. THX training workshops are based on years of expertise in the physics of video and psycho-visual perception. Proven facts, solid concepts and decades of expertise come together in this unique, top rate, one of a kind workshop. Once certified, THX trained Professional Video Systems Calibrators will be able to offer THX Calibrated Display services to their customers as a premium offering.

    As the market for complex high definition, video systems continues to grow in the coming years, consumers will look to professional calibrators in greater numbers than ever before. The key to success in this highly lucrative field is to identify yourself as an elite, educated member of the expanding pool of THX Certified Professional Video Systems Calibrators.

    Completing the THX Certified Professional Video Systems Calibration workshop, and obtaining the Video Calibration certification will provide you with more unique benefits, unlike those found in any other program. Your THX certification will serve to differentiate you and your business in a way that will enhance your bottom-line and reputation for years to come.

    The THX Certified Professional Video Calibrator Advantage:
    * Use of the prestigious THX mark for advertising your business, in print ads, on your business cards, and your Web site. No other brand can signal quality, act to differentiate, or bring the high level of assurance to your clients in the way that THX can.
    * An exclusive listing on the THX.com Web site, letting consumers find your business when seeking a top specialist to meet their calibration needs.
    * The ability to conduct a THX Certified Video Calibration, allowing you to provide your customers with a plaque that shows their display has been calibrated by a THX Professional, to exacting standards.
    * Access to a unique Video Display Systems database, with countless listings of consumer service menu codes. You will be equipped to access and calibrate all of the latest models in your customers' homes.
    * Entry to a Professional Video Calibrator forum, a great place to share and obtain information with fellow THX professionals across the country.
    * A 15% discount to all merchandise sold on the THX merchandise store. Get geared up with all the latest THX merchandise at great prices.

    *** Sign up today at our new low price! ***

    What does a typical classroom look like?

    6 front projectors, including 2 anamorphic lense systems.
    12 direct view plasmas and LCD panels, including 3D.

    One kicking room!!

    *** For more information, please email Gregg at gloewen@thx.com ***
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    1. Gregg Loewen -
      If enrolling in the Video Level 2 class for CES....we are offering you an additional class on HDMI Trouble Shooting. 4 hours in length and 6 CEDIA CEUs, on Saturday 9a-1p or 2p-6 pm. This class is normally $349. This class offering will be free if enrolled in the THX Video 2 class or the THX Video 1 and 2 class. Space is limited.

      Email gloewen@thx.com for details.

      Happy holidays!!!

    1. Gregg Loewen -
      Please note:


      we recognize your past training and will allow you to attend the THX Video Level 1 portion of the class for free when you enroll in the THX Video Level 2 class. This offer is only available for USA based classes.

      Also, the HDMI Trouble Shooting class will be offered again in Orlando on March 18th. This class is $349 and will be included for free for each student that enrolls in the level 2 video class.

      Email gloewen@thx.com to enroll or call 207 624 2685.
    1. Gregg Loewen -
      HDMI Trouble Shooting Class - 6 CEDIA CEU Credits

      THX Video Level I Class - 6 CEDIA CEU Credits

      THX Video Professional Class - 10 CEDIA CEU Credits
    1. Gregg Loewen -
    1. Gregg Loewen -
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